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Importance of Cleaning Your E-Cigarette Atomizer


There will be times, depending on what kind of e liquids UK you use and the quality of your e-cigarette, when you will need to thoroughly clean your atomizer. Over time, this component tends to become gummed up and needs a good clean for you to properly enjoy its use. When it gums up, you will find that vapor production is severely limited. The atomizer is sometimes referred to as the engine of the e-cigarette as it contains a wick surrounded by heating coil. When heated up, the coil heats the liquid touching its surface and it produces the vapor that is to be inhaled.

Be keeping this component clean, sufficient amounts of vapor will be produced leading to a satisfying smoking experience. Another reason cleaning this component is so important is to ensure the integrity of the eliquids flavors. As you try new flavors, you will find that some residual amount of the previous choice will remain in the atomizer, creating a new mix that sullies the taste of the new solution you have added. To help ensure you are getting the true taste of new flavor, you need to properly clean the atomizer. This is particularly important if the previous flavor was very strong, like menthol.

Another reason to take care of this component is to avoid it failing. You should never allow your atomizer to become completely empty. This can lead to it overheating as there is no liquid it is coming in contact wit and failing. Regularly check what amount of liquid is left over in the atomizer, and if very little, top up with a dripper bottle. Also ensure that after you have cleaned it, but before you start smoking, that you give it time to draw in liquid from the cartridge to avoid another burn out. 

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